Since 2005, MusicSupervisionCentral has stood as a trusted resource for news coverage of music supervision, licensing, and music publishing.

MSC was founded by Ramsay Adams, David Hnatiuk, and David Weiss, the co-authors of the book "Music Supervision: Selecting Music for Movies, TV, Games & New Media" (Schirmer Trade Books, 2005). "Music Supervision" has consistently stood as the #1 best-selling book on the topic, and is used by universities, colleges, and online curricula nationwide.

Mr. Hnatiuk and Mr. Weiss are also the founders of The SongHunters, a service for music supervisors.

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  • "Great job with the songhunt, SongHunters! The music you found for my book trailer totally works and enhances my message. Your service is excellent, adds value and helps affordably take music-for-video work up a notch. Love it!"
    David Farbman, best-selling author of "The Hunt"

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Music Supervision: Selecting Music for Movies, TV, Games & New Media

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"This book had a direct impact on my career. From the multiple books that I have read on building a career in the music industry, this book is the most eye opening, informative, and useful of them all. It is akin to taking the brains and experience of fifty music industry vets and inserting them directly into your head."  –Adam A. Johnson

"Thank you for writing the Music Supervision book. I am a singer/songwriter, but wanted to better understand the perspective of music supervisors, and this book definitely helps me to do that."
Jared KF Jones