Wednesday, 01 July 2015 20:03

Synch Song of the Week: Rationale's "Re.Up"

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This week’s synch song of the week comes from the rather elusive artist, Rationale. We know he’s based in London, quite close with the British music scene, and that he also has a day job to support his music habit, but that’s about it.

Rationale’s latest track “Fast Lane” is equally as great and versatile as “Re.Up,” but we chose the latter simply because the beginning is so reminiscent of early 90’s Celine Dion, in the best possible way.

Then the song quickly matures into a pseudo-trap style slow burn that is so perfectly sensual. There’s a solid, slightly funky groove a la Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.”

Although, despite our retro references, “Re.Up” merely pays sonic homage to these vintage classics with an extremely refreshing modernity.

Immediately Love and Basketball came to mind, but something as light-hearted as Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, or any urban-set dramady would be a great setting for “Re.Up.” We image it syncing well over a visual montage, intimate scene or shot with minimal dialogue to be fully absorbed and digested by the audience.

We’re anxiously awaiting more from Rationale, but until then, you can check out “Fast Lane” on SoundCloud and follow his happenings on Twitter!


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