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Thursday, 10 March 2016 10:37

Max Jury's "Numb"

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Max JuryWe love to hear artists' interpretation and fusion of genres. This week, with Max Jury's track "Numb", we are hearing a mixture of passionate soul and a bit of country. "Numb" is the lead track to his self-titled album expected to release on June 3.

Jury says that this song was inspired by a dark period in his life in an interview with NPR's All Songs Considered. In the interview, he discussed his creatively dull moments working as a maintenance man for parks and recreation, and his feelings of loneliness and being unwanted.  However, there is irony in the emptiness that Jury creates with his lyrics. He paints  a picture of feeling numb, while this word is being colorfully painted with a full-bodied gospel inspired backup choir. It seems to fill in the spaces to contrast the lack of what is: "numb".

The artist's voice is anything but dull. It has a quiet sense of stillness about it, but provides a beautiful mode of communicating a message. It is almost as if Jury is praising his realization of feeling numb as the song builds and the chorus wails. He notices this in his surroundings as he cries: "Baby blue bird at my window, sing a pretty song for me / don't you know that you can fly, fly, fly away / don't you know that you can leave". By the end of the song, Jury himself seems to fly away with the emotion and embrace it.

We believe that this song would fit exquisitely in a motion picture where a character may be experiencing the precise troubles that inspired Jury to write the track: loneliness, rejection, and lackluster surroundings. The scene may begin in a dusty-colored room, and follow a character through their progression and acceptance of the situation, eventually leading to brighter surroundings and a journey forward.

We hope you love this song as much as we do. Max Jury is touring right now, so find his personal page to track his performances. Also, give him a like or a follow on social media to support his journey forward. We've also embedded the song below for your listening convenience.