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"Music Supervision: The Complete Guide to Selecting and Licensing Music & Sound Design for Media"

This is a groundbreaking book, written by three music supervisors with broad experience across the field.Music Supervision: Selecting Music for Movies, TV, Games & New Media

Music supervision, or matching music to TV, live events, film, video games, ring tones, and a host of other media, is one of the fastest-growing careers in the music industry. But finding the winning song for a national ad campaign or compiling a platinum movie soundtrack takes more than just good taste: music supervision today requires serious multitasking and the ability to navigate licensing, relationships, and cultural trends with ease. This book guides you through real-world scenarios and legal landmines, explores sound design, profiles key players with insightful interviews, and provides project form templates that will save time for seasoned music supervisors. Composers, bands, DJ's and producers also get valuable tips for connecting with music supervisors, who are being called "The New A&R". For those who want to break into the field of music supervision, this book tells you how to get the job.

About the authors:

The authors: Ramsay Adams (L), Dave Hnatiunk, David Weiss
Ramsay Adams (L), Dave Hnatiuk, David Weiss


The Authors

Ramsay Adams is a film and television music supervisor, author, educator and advocate. He has worked as the Music Supervisor for Fox News Channel, as well as the music supervisor of many films including The Break Up Artist, Heights, Anger-Eaters and Justice. He was the executive producer for many MoveOn.org spots for both broadcast and internet. He is currently working with the ACLU on their new television series the Freedom Files, as well as with Witness - a human rights organization - on new technology. Ramsay teaches Music Supervision at New York University's Center for Advanced Digital Applications and is the co-author of the book "Music Supervision: The Complete Guide to Selecting Music for Movies, TV, Games, and New Media." Schirmer, September 2005.

Dave Hnatiuk is a music for media producer / music supervisor as well as a published text-book author, sound designer, voice-over artist, and public speaker.

Mr. Hnatiuk started his career at birth as the son of 2 successful professional musicians / business owners (Scotch Plains Music Center) based out of Scotch Plains, NJ. In 1996 he landed a music supervisor position with ABC / Disney where his team was awarded a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series, "All My Children".

In 1998 David built the first music department of the #1 rated Fox News Channel. It was here that he placed & produced music / sound-design across the network (for shows like The O'Reilly Factor, The Fox Report, and all the rest...literally). Dave regularly does music /sound consultation for NBC Football Night in America and Olympics as well. With MTV On-Air Promotions in NYC as a major client for Sound Design & Music Supervision, Mr. Hnatiuk has humbly lent his musical talents for nearly 2 decades to leading cable and network television companies ABC, Fox, NBC, MTV, and more. During his time with MTV, he’s won Promax, Beacon, Mark and a Pop Awards for his extensive and impressive work.

In 2010 and 2011, Dave music supervised the launch campaigns of MTV’s Jersey Shore, the highly anticipated SKINS series, and 2 consecutive seasons of America’s Best Dance Crew. Dave recently co-produced a Mustard Pimp club remix of “Largo Al Factotum” entitled “Figaro Fist Pump” for the launch of Jersey Shore Season 4, and he recently music sup’d the comeback launch campaign of the all new season of Mike Judge’s “Beavis & Butthead” and much more.

On the voiceover side of the biz, Dave can be commonly heard on network and cable tv advertising campaigns including MTVU’s 2012 Spring Break, Verizon Wireless, Doritos, FXDD, MTV’s Realworld, P-Diddy’s Making His Band and many more...

In the world of cinema, Dave wrapped up music supervision on the feature concert film “Cheech & Chong’s Hey Watch This!” for director Christian Charles and The Weinstein Company in 2011. Also this millennium, Dave music supervised 2005 Merchant Ivory / Sony Pictures Feature Film "Heights" starring Glenn Close, James Marsden, & Elizabeth Banks, directed by 2013 Argo Oscar Winner Chris Terrio. He also music sup'd the New Line Cinema comedy "Full of It" by director Christian Charles in 2007. In 2003, Dave music-sup'd Evan Oppenheimer's feature "Justice" which competed that year in the Tribeca Film Festival and won at the 2003 Marco Island Film Festival. Mr. Hnatiuk also music sup'd Vincent Rubino's comedy feature "The Break-Up Artist" which won Best Feature at the IFC Hampton's Film Fest and more. In 2012-13, Dave finished music supervising the feature “Love Sick Love” for Mouseroar Ent starring Matthew Settle and Katia Winter, and he is currently music sup’ing with his partners at www.thesonghunters.com the documentary “Everything Will Be Okay” for The Patrick O’Brien Foundation.

In 2001 and 2002, Dave co-produced and co-composed full-length production music albums for 5 Alarm Music (Title: Investigator) and the other for Warner Chappell (Title: Ignite 4). Songs from these albums can be heard globally today on a variety of well known cable and network television programs.

In early 2002, David developed and established the first ever curriculum for Music Supervision in the USA at NYU, and the course is still active today at NYU’s CADA program. David also delivers regular seminars and panels on Music Supervision for ASCAP, BMI, CMJ, Music Supervision Central and more.

In 2003, David was awarded a publishing deal with Schirmer Trade Books / Music Sales Corp. to write the first definitive textbook on the field music supervision with his partners Dave Weiss & Ramsay Adams. The book "Music Supervision" hit the shelves nationwide in Fall 2005. The companion website is www.musicsupervisioncentral.com. Northeastern University made the book mandatory text for their newly established music supervision curriculum in 2009, and Berklee School of Music has also picked it up to support their new groundbreaking online course curriculum.

In 2010, Dave co-launched “The Song Hunters” with partner David Weiss (www.thesonghunters.com). SonicScoop.com hosts a regular blog written by Dave called “Music Seen.”

Some of Dave's other clients include ABC Sports, Stars Network, Zink Magazine, American Star Academy, FXDD, The American Heart Association, Guitar World & Guitar One Magazines, MoveOn.org, Breast Cancer Awareness, Harley Davidson, Bethel Center for the Arts, Radical Media, Artstart, Camp Interactive, Jospeh Arthur, The Kin, The NASA Space Program, The Ad Council, Hollywood Tans, Tribeca Films, The Director's Guild, The International Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences, Nickelodeon, Employ.com, CHAMPCAR Racing, FXDD, and more.

Dave's Motto:  "Find what you love, and make it who you are."

David Weiss is President of D Media, Inc. (www.dwords.com), co-founder of SonicScoop (www.sonicscoop.com) and is an internationally published freelance journalist. He is the NYC editor of Mix magazine, the world's leading pro audio publication, and his work has appeared regularly in publications such as Systems Contractor News, Archi-Tech, Digital Television, TV Technology, Time Out NY, Remix and Drum! magazine. He is also co-author of the book Music Supervision: The Complete Guide to Selecting and Licensing Music & Sound Design for Media, published by Schirmer Trade Books in September, 2005.

Mr. Weiss is a music supervisor for retail, restaurant and hospitality environments, guiding content and music management systems while working with one of New York City's premiere A/V integrators, Essential Communications.

In addition, Mr. Weiss is the founder of D Media, Inc. a marketing/PR consultancy for the pro audio, broadcast, A/V, music and fiber optic industries. Clients have included the NYC video editing facility Rhinoceros, communications firm Marcomm Group for clients including Canon, Ikegami, Chyron, Videotek, Vinten, and D Data, fiber optic carrier Q Media, A/V specialists Essential Communications, and post house Planet V.

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Music Supervision: The Complete Guide to Selecting and Licensing Music & Sound Design for Media

Music Supervision: Selecting Music for Movies, TV, Games & New Media

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"This book had a direct impact on my career. From the multiple books that I have read on building a career in the music industry, this book is the most eye opening, informative, and useful of them all. It is akin to taking the brains and experience of fifty music industry vets and inserting them directly into your head."  –Adam A. Johnson

"Thank you for writing the Music Supervision book. I am a singer/songwriter, but wanted to better understand the perspective of music supervisors, and this book definitely helps me to do that."
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